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Starting the Musical Journey

March 14, 2011

As with adults, new and unfamiliar situations can be daunting for children – this is to be expected and is quite natural. We all take time to feel comfortable and it may therefore mean that your child may not begin to actively participate in class for several weeks. Equally, your child may not be receptive in their assigned weekly ‘music time’ and therefore may not engage as much as they usually do.

How parents can help

Often the best way to encourage your child’s participation is by joining in yourself, therefore modelling the behaviour you want to see in them.

If your child needs to wander and explore, allow this to happen for a time, as long as no other child is being hurt or distracted.

Remain calm and gently bring your child back into the activity participating together.  Remember, as a proactive parent, you help your child make the most of each opportunity and help them to grow.
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