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At Music Works Magic, we believe that music education is one of the cornerstones for successful life-long learning. We base our teaching on the philosophy of Zoltan Kodaly. According to Kodaly our first instrument is our voice and at Music Works Magic, we believe that if you can talk, you can sing and if you can walk, you can dance!

At Music Works Magic, we understand that the voice is our first instrument and that if you can sing in tune, you know how to listen and recall the sounds that you hear.

And, if you want your children to learn to play instruments, it’s vital they master their first instrument – the voice – and learn to sing in tune. Good musicians always sing.

This process can begin with babies. We don’t wait until our children are old enough before we talk to them. Babies have musical memory from as young as 22 weeks in-utero. It’s wonderful if children can be surrounded by a community, or group that can sing together, vocalise and interact through music. At Music Works Magic we, together with parents and or carers create a musical community around the children.

Who we are

Anna Mlynek-Kalman M. Mus., B. Ed., Dip Teach. A.Mus. A. (Flute) created Music Works Magic upon completion of her studies in the United States in 1996. Anna has taught and directed music programs with children from K-year 12 for over 30 years at many schools both here in Australia and abroad. During this time she has presented lectures, papers and workshops at universities, schools and preschools to both staff and students. She completed a Masters Degree in Music Education with a Kodaly emphasis, in the United States.

Anna runs training courses specifically for adults wishing to gain confidence when working with babies-8yr olds, and runs the Kodaly preschool teacher training course. She has produced 5 Cds and accompanying Teachers’ Manuals; There’s A Rainbow In My Garden, Swing It Possum, All By Myself, On Safari containing Jungle Jive and Conga Line. She is donating all proceeds from the CDs to the Learning for Life Autism Centre.

Anna directs the Music Works Magic Education and Resource Centre working closely with her team of dedicated and talented teachers, consults in schools, runs teacher training courses and classes for children and tutors in aural musicianship at Melbourne University.

She and her staff are passionate about high quality music education and they create a program that offers a sound developmental, educational base for children from birth.

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